Careers Programme

Careers Education and Guidance

How do we provide learners with information about course choices and careers? All learners at The JCB Academy receive the following careers education and guidance:

Dedicated ‘Careers Hub’ & CEGC’s
Having a dedicated ‘Careers Hub’ with resources and up to date information on all pathway routes enables learners to drop in and access information at a time convenient to them. Housing dedicated work-spaces for learners to work 1:1 with support staff to ensure support is in the right place at the right time. Also having information careers education & guidance coordinators (CEGC) in the post for KS4 enables learners to access to impartial, high quality careers guidance, meaning learners are supported to make effective choices.

Careers Action Plan
Every learner has a careers action plan for the entirety of their school life here at the academy, which documents choices learners are looking to make during KS4.

Work Experience
All learners participate in a work experience programme throughout KS4. Feedback from employers say that our learners are engaged and positive in the workplace; they are prepared and enthusiastic in professional environments. The work experience programme enables learners to understand how their education equips them with the behaviours necessary for success at the next stage of their education, training or employment.

Careers Sessions & 1:1’s
Learners receive class sessions on CV writing, reference workshops and employability skills, discussing preparing for interviews and showcasing skills.

Employability Targets
All KS4 learners are set employability targets that are written on every mentor report that parents receive encouraging parental engagement. Parents regularly receive transition information regarding sixth form applications, apprenticeships opportunities and they can make an appointment with the CEGC at parent’s evenings.

Engineering Curriculum Links to Career options
Through links with the CEGC and the engineering curriculum, learners engage with employers and graduates to complete real-world engineering and business problems, enabling learners to see first-hand, roles and positions that are available in different career sectors. Learners complete a learning outcome (LO3) as part of the level 2 Cambridge National qualification in Engineering, covering titled ‘Know about Employment in Engineering’ where learners explore career pathways, employer rights and responsibilities and discuss the impact of the HSE.

Careers Fair
Learners in Year 11 attend an annual careers fair, giving learners and parents direct access to our sixth form team, apprenticeship employers and further education providers.

Apprenticeship Guidance
Learners take part in group visits to the on-site apprenticeship centre to see the facilities available and to talk to current apprentices and staff. The CEGC in conjunction with engineering teaching staff, deliver sessions informing learners about apprenticeship pathways and what career prospects an apprenticeship could bring. The CEGC shares information with learners and parents regarding apprenticeship vacancies and sign-posting to positions and offers support with completing applications and preparing for assessment centres.

Sixth Form Applications
Learners in Year 11 are offered taster days in The JCB Academy Sixth Form, giving them an insight into life as a Sixth Form learner, taking part in lessons and touring the Lodge to talk to current KS5 pupils about their experiences. Learners can access help with completing the online application form for Sixth Form and discussing pathways available.

The CEGC and the learner support team offer an EA activity, ‘Preparing for your Career’ where learners engage in a variety of activities including trips, and tailored sessions, at a crucial time in the academic year when Year 11 are applying for sixth form, apprenticeships and colleges.

Learners are involved with the recruitment process for staff at the academy, participating in learner panels, discussions and tours with applicants, giving them an insight into assessment centres and interviews.

If you would like any further information regarding our careers advice and guidance, please contact us at the academy:

  • Miss Norcup (Careers Education and Guidance Coordinator KS4)
  • Mr Berrisford (SMT lead for Careers)