Combined Cadet Force

Coming in September 2017.

Combined Cadet Force

The JCB Academy Combined Cadet Force (CCF) will be part of the national cadet organisation sponsored by the Ministry of Defence, and is part of the wider military family. The JCB Academy’s CCF contingent will offer our learners a broad range of challenging, exciting, adventurous and educational activities. The aim is to enable the development of personal responsibility, leadership and self-discipline. Our Combined Cadet Force will be an educational partnership with the Ministry of Defence and will be an Army section affiliated with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). REME embodies the ethos of the soldier/tradesman. As a part of a Corps forged on the battlefield they keep the punch in the Army’s fist. REME is built upon innovation, meeting the twin requirements of military proficiency and engineering skill, supporting every unit in the British Army.

The CCF will be a Wednesday afternoon Extension Activity option for the duration of the entire year. Weekly training in the first year will aim to give cadets a firm military foundation based mainly on weapon training, shooting, field-craft, shelter construction, navigation skills, first aid and drill. The training will be delivered by the Contingent Commander, Mr Morgan, the CCF training team and staff of The JCB Academy that hold the Queen’s Commission as CCF Officers.

There will be opportunities for cadets to participate in competitions and courses. These range from leadership and military courses, through to adventurous training and even overseas trips. Many CCF cadets will also participate in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, being able to use some aspects of their CCF service to satisfy certain award requirements.

The focus and highlight of the year for our contingent will be participation in the annual summer camp during the Activities Week in July 2018.