We get quite a lot of frequently asked questions at The JCB Academy and there are quite a few misconceptions about the academy, engineering and our partners.

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The JCB Academy is sponsored by JCB and, alongside other businesses including Bentley Motors, Network Rail and Rolls-Royce, they form our Core Challenge Partners who together develop our unique curriculum and learning techniques.

Engineering covers many different types of activity.

  • Engineers make things, they make things work and they make things work better
  • Engineers use their creativity to design solutions to the world’s problems
  • Engineers help build the future

Engineers work on a vast range of different areas that affect people. These include things such as advances in biomedical engineering like new materials for hip replacements or advanced prosthetics.

Engineers build the world around us including buildings, roads, bridges, schools and hospitals. Engineers also manage our water, gas and electricity supplies and they also develop new ways to generate electricity such as wind and solar power.

Engineers make the food we eat and the medicines we take. They also develop new materials like high performance sports fabrics or new electronic displays.

Have a look at the our article on Engineering Careers by clicking here for more information


The learners participate in various engineering based activities. Two activities are the Harper Adams Challenge and the JCB Loadall Challenge.

All learners leaving The JCB Academy have the same pathways as any other school: further education, apprenticeship or employment. We believe that our learners are educated in such a unique way that they are appealing to businesses, and JCB are just one of the many businesses that we have established links with.
No – The JCB Academy is a free school that is funded by the Department of Education.
Yes – we have 12 transport routes dedicated to our learners, these are part subsidised by the academy. For further information please visit our Transport page here.
Yes – we have an 18 mile radius catchment area from ST14 5JX.
Yes – we are co-educational with an ever growing intake of girls year on year.
We only have one criteria and that is an 18 mile radius catchment area from ST14 5JX.
No – you don’t have to sit an exam to gain a place.
The JCB Academy follows the core subjects of English, mathematics and science but we tailor the remaining curriculum around engineering and business.

We teach a number of engineering subjects that all fit together into our 10-12 week challenge programme (we break the year into engineering challenge sections that have a specific point of learning).

For example, when learners arrive in Y10 they spend around eight weeks working alongside Harper Adams University studying steering systems, suspension systems and different chassis configurations. As part of this, and working in teams, learners go on to design and manufacture their own remote control, off road vehicle, using their learned knowledge.

The learners then work with employees from JCB, where they study many principles of engineering, how things work the way they do and how we keep them working through regular service. Learners then go on to researching basic hydraulics and pneumatics, electronics, gear ratios, etc.

We continue this throughout the learners time at the academy with some of our other corporate partners, this includes investigating engineering design with Rolls-Royce and engineering manufacture with Toyota. See our curriculum for further information on our subjects.

Yes – The JCB Academy Sixth Form also specialisies in engineering and business and is open to external learners as well as our own learners.
Yes – we hold an annual open day for the academy and sixth form which generally falls in the first week of October for the following years intake. We also hold several open days/evenings for the sixth form but only one annual event for the academy.