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India Trip 2018 – Day 2

Daily blog by Y12 sixth form learner, Charlie Pearson.

What a day! We landed in Delhi at 11:00am to be greeted by a lot of armed security which was unusual to us in the UK. We then started making our way to the hotel once we were greeted by the JCB director representatives.

What I saw was unbelievable on the journey to the hotel. Seeing savvier poverty to potential corpses on the road and kids which were begging for food and water. It was horrible to think of how difficult their lives must be on a day to day.

Once we arrived at the hotel we all decided to not go out and just catch up on sleep from the flight. Soon after we had lunch which was incredible! From soup to lamb, chicken, mutton and “fetta” which was locally seasoned, we ate and ate.

Later in the evening we ate again in which the food was also great but me and Harry got invited to the kitchen to make and cook a “naan” bread. This was a laugh haha.

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