Harper Adams Residential (Year 10 only)

Please note: the below information will be available to download at the end of this online process.

Learners should arrive on Monday, 2 September 2019 in full uniform and bring with them one bag* that should include:

  • JCB Academy boiler suit and safety boots
  • Comfortable tops/trousers to wear under boiler suit
  • PE Kit/trainers and sports/casual clothes/shoes for the evenings
  • Wet weather gear (rainproof coat etc.)
  • Clothing/shoes suitable to get wet/muddy for outdoor activities
  • Sunscreen and a hat/cap
  • Pens/pencils and ruler
  • Personal toiletries, toothbrush and toothpaste etc.
  • Nightwear, underwear and socks

All bed linen and towels will be provided in individual learner rooms. There are snack and drinks machines on campus, learners may, therefore, want to bring a modest sum of money; we recommend no more than £15.00

Squash and water will be available, free of charge, throughout the stay.

Mobile Phones: Learners may bring mobile telephones for use in their rooms in the evening; they will not be allowed to have their ‘phones with them throughout the day

Please do not pack:

  • Any clothing which would not be considered appropriate for a school environment, such as: strappy vest tops, crop-tops, t-shirts with offensive slogans on them etc.
  • Personal medication such as inhalers; these should be given to your son’s/ daughter’s mentor prior to the trip
  • Valuables (iPods, computer games, cameras, jewellery, etc.)
  • Alcohol of any description
  • Smoking materials (smoking will not be permitted anywhere at any time)
  • Chewing gum
  • Laptops

*The bag should be of a weight that the learner can carry independently for a 5-10 minute walk.