Admissions Offer Information – Transport

Bus times and routes are reviewed annually and are subject to change. It is academy policy to operate buses from main towns and cities within the catchment area, stopping at a small number of points along the route to accommodate learners from a wide area. As a regional academy with a large catchment area we are unable to pick up at every village or suburb within the region.


  • The earliest pick up on each route is at approximately 7:05 am.
  • Buses travel along main roads and make a small number of stops in main towns and villages.

Transport costs

  • It is a planning requirement (established at the formation of The JCB Academy) that all our learners travel to and from the academy by bus.
  • Unless a learner lives within walking distance, a charge for academy transport will be incurred (subsidised by the academy).
  • The current charge for the academy transport is £575. This will be payable in full by 1 August or in four equal installments of £143.75 by the following dates:
    • 1 August
    • 1 October
    • 1 January
    • 1 March

Transport operation

  • Transport is provided by private transport companies under contract.
  • Sanctions are applied where learners do not comply with the code of conduct.

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