Admissions Offer Information – Learner Support

The Learner Support Department fulfills three main functions:

  1. Special Educational Needs and Disability
  2. Pastoral Support and Guidance
  3. Attendance Monitoring and Support

On joining The JCB Academy we create a Learner Profile for each learner which summarises all their relevant information, including their academic needs, any health issues, home circumstances, etc. The information in this profile is accessible to the staff who teach and support learners during their time at the academy and is constantly updated to ensure that the support we give each of our learners is relevant, up to date and reflects their current circumstances.

If you would like to speak to someone about the support available for your son/daughter at The JCB Academy, or to share information with us that will help us to support them with transition, please contact us on 01889 506100 or by email:

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