National Motor Museum

Australia Exchange 2017 – Day 6

Day 6: Thursday 23rd February 2017

A cooler day began on Thursday. Our learners accompanied the Y11 Automotive learners to the National Motor Museum in Birdwood. After exploring the collection of vehicles, motoring-related objects, such as brochures and maps, tin signs, petrol bowsers, toys and models, staff and learners then wandered across to the local bakery for lunch. Yet again, copious amounts of Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee were consumed. The day ended with a visit to The Whispering Wall. A world famous engineering feat which was built between 1900-1903 to create a back-up water supply for the ever growing town; Gawler. Whilst travelling to The Whispering Wall, through the trees a troop of kangaroos were spotted bounding through the bush.