BMW i8 at The JCB Academy

Functional Skills Literacy – Progressive Engineering Project 2017

Student Support at The JCB Academy have up with BMW Stratstone at Derby to put on the Progressive Engineering Project for the academies Functional Skills Literacy learners. The learners firstly researched the BMW i8 and compared this with other sports cars on the market. They then designed their very own hybrid sport car for the competition.

During the finally of the project BMW presented a range of information about the i8 and the i rang. They informed the learners of how BMW are leading the way with progressive technology including how each component of the BMW i8 (Hybrid) sports car can be recycled. After which the learners had the opportunity to look around the BMW i8 and to conclude the afternoon BMW revealed the winners of the car design competition.

First place: Joshua Davis
Second place: Olivia Barlow
Third place: James Withey

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