The JCB Academy netball team

Netball Tournament Achievements

During the past few weeks The JCB Academy netball team have participated in a number of tournaments including matches at Endon High School and The Cheadle Academy. We had recently been promoted from the B league to the A league, so this then gave us a challenge and helped us improve our teamwork and communication when playing.

When we played at Endon High School we played a total of five matches against teams such as; Biddulph, Leek, Endon, Moorside, and Westwood. Due to excellent teamwork we managed to win three out of the five matches, which we were very proud of.

The second tournament was at The Cheadle Academy where we played the top of the league teams such as; Paisley, Thomas Alleynes and The Cheadle Academy. Although we didn’t do as well we still managed to win one out of the three matches.  This gave us experience playing better teams and this will help us in future matches to improve our game play.

Written by Abigail Barnish (pictured bottom right in the photograph)
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