Portland School and Specialist College

Portland School and Specialist College visit The JCB Academy

On the 8th and 11th May we welcomed students from Portland School and Specialist College, a SEMHD provision (Social Emotional Mental Health Difficulties) catering for Keystages 1, 2, 3 and 4.

We had two sets of students coming into The JCB Academy to take photographs of our machinery and engineering equipment. This was part of their GCSE photography unit in which the students chose ‘machinery’ as their subject matter. The students took photographs in our workshops of lathes, drills, JCB engines, machine parts and laser cutters. They also took photographs of some of our partners’ exhibition pieces: JCB digger, Toyota hybrid car and Rolls-Royce turbine and engine. The students were particularly excited when they visited the welding workshop and even got to try on the welding safety masks.

For further information on Portland School please visit their website at https://www.portlandschool.net/