Smashing of Stones – Poem by Student, Robert Turner

Smashing of Stones

Smash of stones,
I am on my own,
The wrath of others against me,
Any other place I would be,
The hate in their eyes,
Nothing should ever be a surprise,

Smash of stones,
I can feel my skin and bones,
Crashing at the sound of hate,
I can feel the weight,
Heaven is calling,
I will get there crawling,

Smash of stones,
I can hear hell’s groans,
The planet is the place of my death,
Heaven is going to be a fresh breath,
Doing nothing wrong,
But I must stay strong,

Smash of stones,
People ignore the moans,
Accused of nothing,
Done to show that God is my king,
The angels will accept me with open arms,
And these people will be done from their harms.

Robert Turner.
Year 12 learner`s entry for the Tower Poetry competition


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