Women Into Engineering at The JCB Academy

Women into Engineering

In June 2016 at The JCB Academy, it was our ‘Women into Engineering’ event where learners from across Staffordshire and Derbyshire come to the academy to participate in a variety of fun, informative and interactive engineering based challenges. The event is part of an initiative to encourage more women to take up careers in engineering. There were two fun challenges that the girls took part in, the first was the Crane Build. The objective is to build a crane from the craft material supplied to hold as much weight as possible before collapsing. But the firm favourite seems to be the Egg Crash, where the girls customise a pre-built cart using a range of craft material with the intention of protecting the enclosed egg as it is dropped down a ramp, into a wall.

The photo shows pupils and their teachers/parents gathering around as a learner from The JCB Academy tests one of the crane builds.

More photos are available on our Google Photos account, please click here to see more

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