Year 9 Approval

The JCB Academy are pleased to announce that we have approval from the Department for Education to take pupils from Year 9.

Currently The JCB Academy recruits 198 learners at age 14 across 4 local authorities. The approval is to enable The JCB Academy to recruit 66 learners at 13 (start of Year 9) and to recruit the remaining learners at 14 (start of Year 10). This will increase overall learner numbers by 66 taking the Academy to physical capacity.

The rationale for this decision relates to the provision across the local area where the three tier systems exists (Uttoxeter, Leek and Stone). Learners who have attended middle schools and who then choose to transfer to The JCB Academy at the start of year 10 will have undertaken study in three different schools in three years. The change at The JCB Academy will bring the transfer point into line with the existing three tier system.


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